Rusts Ragdoll Kittens in Kansas. Mink, Sepia and
itional Ragdoll kittens

            Ragdoll cats and kittens in kansas, Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missourri, Colorado and Texas        

Reserving a Ragdoll Kitten

Reserving a kitten with paypal


Please add 4% when making a deposit with paypal

To reserve a kitten we require a $200.00 deposit

Deposits are nonrefundable but can be transferred to another kitten

Rustsragdolls Policies

 Our Ragdoll kittens have had age appropriate vaccinations, wormed and vet checked and have a health guarantee when leaving our home.

  • 785-770-7471
  • Please call when looking for a kittens as it is easier for us to visit over the phone rather than answering all our e-mails for kittens we are always happy to visit @ our wonderful babies

 If you are looking for a breeder ragdoll kitten please contact us.

All Ragdoll kittens come with TICA registration papers which are mailed after kitten has been altered.    

Rustsragdolls reserves the right to to refuse sale to anyone for any reason at any given time during the transactiom.


Kitten needs when they go to their new home:

  • Fresh clean water at all times.
  • They are using a litter box before they leave but we recommend you keep them close to their new one so they do not get confused and have to search for it, take them to it periodically when you are home and if you leave they need to be in the same room as their litter box.
  • If you keep their food and water close to the litter box it reinforces the location for them.
  • Do not give them yarn to play with as they will eat them.
  • Some kittens will cry some when arriving at their new home this is normal it is just a new enviornment and they are use to being with their all of their litter mates. We recommend giving them a secure small area so they are not overwhelmed such as a bathroom when you are not home. This will help them feel secure and  help ease their adjustment period.
  • We want it to be a smooth adjustment for both you and your new kitten when they come to their new home so if you have any problems feel free to call.
  • We always to encourage everyone to call if they have any questions after they get their new kitten we are always happy to help with any advice we can.
  • Our kittens are very well socilaized before they leave our home so most adjust to their homes within the first 2 days.
  • Last but not least Enjoy your new family member!