Rusts Ragdoll Kittens in Kansas. Mink, Sepia and
itional Ragdoll kittens

            Ragdoll cats and kittens in kansas, Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missourri, Colorado and Texas        

Our Guarantee

Our contract

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is very simple, we feel very confident we have healthy kittens so we give a full health guarantee. Before a kitten leaves our home it has been:

  • Wormed
  • Had age appropriate vaccinations
  • Been prespoiled by our family
  • Rustsragdolls is not responsible for any veterinarian bills after leaving our home

We feel when you purchase a kitten you should feel confident you are getting a wonderful healthy addition to your household, and this is our main goal.  We always like to hear back from people after you have your kitten to hear how he/she is adjusting. We are available afterwards if you have any questions @ things to help with the adjustment process