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itional Ragdoll kittens

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Kittens New Homes

Lilly, Fritz and the Schmidt Family in KC

 Hi Peggy Thank you so much for Lilly and Fritz they are already a  special part of our family. Lilly is not shy @ letting us know when she wants some TLC . She never has to look to far for a friendly lap to curl up on . As for Fritz he is so fun, he has his sweet cuddly time in the morning and around bedtime goes into his what we call  his wild man routine.  He runs @ like crazy and attacks anything that moves (sometimes this includes Lilly) Both cats love when someone in the house takes a bath or shower. Lilly sits on the tile ledge whenever someone is in the big bathtub and Fritz sits on the bathmat everyday whe I take my shower. They are both wonderful kitties and could not love having them more. Thanks so much for for the help in getting us matched up with the right kitten and trusting us with Lilly. Please pass our Thanks to Morgan far as the Schmidt brothers are concerned, she is the kitten whisperer!!

Dante and the Russell Family in Colorado

Peggy the ride back to CO was uneventful, Dante slept most of the way home he is adjusting really well.  He is full of energy and loves to play. Thank you so much for allowing us to share in owning such a wonderful cat. We have already toalked @ owning another one in the furure.

Dots and the Madsen family in Wichitia

                                                                                                                                Peggy  Dots stays with me all day long wherever I go I love it.  She is so big and beautiful we just love her. We feel so luck y to have Dots Thank you again for helping us find the perfect kitten for our family.  Amy

Fluffy in Wichita

Peggy Thank you so much for Fluffy he is the sweetest and softest cat we have ever owned we just love him. We appreciate your help in getting him.

Patty Cake and Kiefers in Texas

Thank you so much for such a wonderful cat. Patty Cake has such a romantic personality your cats are the cream of the crop. Patty has the most beautiful coat and everyone thinks she is the prettiest cat they have ever seen (we tend to agree) Thak you so much for all your help in us getting her we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Ruth

Chai and Sandra in KC

Peggy Thank you so much for my beloved Chai he is exactly what I wanted he is my 2nd kitten from your family and they are the most wonderful and beautiful cats I could ever imagine Thank you again so much. Sandra

Matilda at the Welsh's in Omaha

 At 5 months old Matilda is doing great. She is very "meow-meow"which is how we describe her because she talks all the time!! Usually it's because she wants something, but is seems like she does it so we she is there! We always laugh when she comes up to us and meows for apparently no reason. We got her a carpeted cat tree ad she loves to take naps on the top perh while we are at work during the day. Her latest obcession though is the window sills... she spends a lot of time keeping an eye on the birds outside! Matilda has such a fun personality and she keeps us entertained with her playfulness. We love having her and hope to add another ragdoll kittey in the near future.

 Ericka and Brandon Welsh

Rascal and Alfie in KC

Rascal and Alfie are best friends I am so glad we have 2 now, it was no time before the two of them were best friends we are so glad we got a Alfie for rascal and ofr US. Thank you for the 2 best cats we are blessed to have them.  Amy

Paris at Gails in Omaha

Ohhhh Peggy Paris is so adorable!! We got home in good time she slept pretty much all lthe way, would cry a few times and then would purr and go back to sleep. She has not had any issues with the kids, the dog, or the other cat... that itself is worth her price in gold! We slept well with her under the covers, all over the place across my feet, next to me draped across my stomach.. wow. She is definitely the most loveable kitten. However we did see her other side this morning her wild side. I have a roll of carpet in the corner of my room she shimmied up it like lightening and turned rced back down several times all with a toy in her mouth. The kids were in hysterics. Thanks for taking such super care of her and teaching her such wonderful people-isms Thank you, thank you, thanks Gail

 Mr. Bo Jangles and Mr. Petty Bones with the Grace's

We love these boys so much, I'm sure you can see why. They are such lovers! Mr. Bo Jangles is on my lap kneading his monster paws and puring his heart out while Mr. Petty Bones is on Ryans chest doing the same thing. Mr. Bo Jangles gives me a little nip when I stop petting him for to long (very slight just a reminder of what I SHOULD be doing) The boys play and nap all day with the girls and once the girls are asleep it's pure kitty love time with us. They've trained us well. We truely love them with all our hearts. Thanks Ellie


Daphne Rae and Maverick Lee


Mishu in Lincoln

Peggy we settled on a new name for our new baby boy... mishu(pronounced...mee-shu). He's were right he is a hot-rod. He loves to play with toys and has been really sweet and affectionate. He seems to have adjusted well to his new did not take long for  him to find his way around...and we have no problems with his finding his litter box, food and water.

We could not be happier with our new kitten, and we'll send some pics as he grows. Thanks you for the excellent care you've taken, and again we are delighted with Mishu and look forward to years of adventures together!

Steve and Kathy

Meiko with Kami in Winfield

Hi Peggy things are going great with Meiko. He is so adorable and fits right in! I am really enjoying himand he is getting so big and loves to play,play,play. My other ragdoll has really accepted him and they are getting to be quite buddy,buddy. Thanks so much for meeting me it was huge help. Kami

Skippitio with the Roemers

Dear Peggy I just wanted to write and update you on Skippito. He was the perfect match for our family We love him so much. He is extremely soft and and has such a sweet personality. He is very much a lap kitty and likes lots of attention. If someone comes into the house he is the first to greet them. If he chooses you at night you had better not plan on getting any sleep he is in your face purring all night. The girls are alwasy telling me they could not sleep because Skippito would not stop licking them. If he is not being carried around like baby he is getting ready to pounce on your feet or hands. He is so much fun Again thank you you were so helpful in getting us the right kitten and you have the most beautiful cats!! The Roemer Family

Lanny with Jeff and Marita in KC

Peggy here are a few pics of lannie. He is doing just great! He's really talkative and loves to bound into a room and announce he is there with a loud mew! He's enjoying exploring everything and likes playing with his toys. Today he was actually playing fetch with me-I would throw his mouse and he run get it and bring it back to me. When we rub his tummy he rolls over and over and over. He is the sweetest cat and we love him so much! Those new kittens look really sweet! We hope they are all doing well. Jeff and Marita