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                     Febuary 11, 2009

We are just starting to blog here at Rustsragdolls so this is a new venture for us.  We are a very blessed to have these wonderfual cats and able to have kittens for others to enjoy as much as we do.  We love to have them as part of our family while they are here with us, and we get caught up in the excitement whe they go to thier new homes. The kids just absolutely love the kittens and each one gets a name while they are here although  they get new names when they go to thier new homes Morgan  (our 5 year old) was so excited the Madsen family actually kept one of her names for thier kitten "Dots" it seemed to fit her so well and although it has been over a year agao Morgan still tells everyone how "Dots" was able to keep her name definitely  a highlight for Miss Morgan.

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Posted on March 26, 2010 at 5:48 PM

 Here at Rustsragdollsour kittens are not only well loved and taken care of it is not a surprise to find a kitten in bed with someone getting a story read to.  Miss Paris decided this was one her favorite things to do before going to live with her new owner Gail in Omaha.  We would find her waiting on Laurens pillow @ 8:00 every evening waiting for her bedtime story. 

Just one more minute please...

Posted on April 17, 2009 at 10:59 AM

                                      April 17, 2009

Times flies so fast between kids and kittens we feel so blessed to have the wonderful babies as a part of our family, we have been enjoying Miss Brownie here at the Rust household.  She gets to sleep with the kids and has to rotate from one bed to the other each night to keep it fair and each morning she wakes up all 3 kids she is a ball of energy and has this huge motor for such a litlle kitten but when the kids have to head out the door for school there is always the same plea one more minute please....


Posted on February 20, 2009 at 9:56 AM

                            Febuary 20, 2009

We are finally getting settled here in Nebraska with the kids, cats, and kittens everyone is finding a favorite spot Hunters is at the top of the open staircase to poke her head through the railings every time someone goes down. All the cats wait until the kids go down for bed then it is like a herd of horses when they all go down together, on the weekends when we stay up later than normal the cats will all be sitting on the landing for the stairs as if to say it is past bedtime!! The one favorite spot all the cats have which has not changed is when we make the beds they love to get under the sheets making it impossible to have a neat bed, I am not sure who likes newly washed sheets the best us or the cats.