Gallery of References Gallery of References Cooper - Rusts Ragdoll Cat Cooper is such a joy we can not wait for him to have a sibling!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful cat we just love him!! 24624794 Patty Cake - Rusts Ragdoll Cat Patty Cake has such a romantic personality your cats are the cream of the crop!!! 24624795 Patty Cake - Rusts Ragdoll Cat 24624913 Mercy - Rusts Ragdoll Cat Mercy is so fun to have we love him so much!! 24624914 Patty Cake - Rusts Ragdoll Cat 24625140 Cooper - Rusts Ragdoll Cat Cooper taking his daily nap. 24625165 Cooper - Rusts Ragdoll Cat 24625190 Patty Cake - Rusts Ragdoll Cats Patty Cake and pals watching thier daily TV show!! 24625219 Chai - Rusts Ragdoll Cat I enjoy Chai so much thank you for such a wonderful cat. 24626509 Rascal and Alfie - Rusts Ragdoll Cats Rascal and Alfie are best friends I am so glad we have 2 now!!! Thank you for the 2 best cats we are so blessed to have them both. 24626510 Rascal and Alfie - Rusts Ragdoll Cats 24626511 Princess Dots - Rusts Ragdoll Cat Dots stays with me all day long whereever I go, I love it. She is so big and beautiful we just love her. We are so lucky to have Dots Thank you again for everything. The Madsen family 24626512 Clark - Rusts Ragdoll Cat Now with Ami and Bill in KC 27395319 Miata - Rusts ragdoll Cat Now with Jen and Ken in FL 27395329 Muffin - Rusts Ragdoll Cat 28290641 Fluffy Red Mitted Boy 44711294 Muffin - Rusts Ragdoll Cats 28290642 Fluffy red mitted boy of Millie and Simbas 44711295 Muffin- Rusts Ragdoll Cat 28290643 Fluffy Thank yo so much for Fluffy he is the most softest and playfulest kitten we have ever had we just love him. 43967910